Intenet Hosting
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Intenet Hosting

We would like to introduce you to SNTiNET Fast Internet Program, entitled YOURBUSINESS.COM.   If you already have a web site, we would like to save you up to 50% of the price you are paying now, with SIX Months of free web hosting.  All you need to do is sign up for one year of hosting web hosting with SNTiNET.COM.

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We have several very lucrative offers that will  meet your requirements.  We offer a basic web site, with design, for under $700.00, compared to other professional sites costing around $2,000.00.  You can add to that basic site to meet all of your requirements.  SNTiNET.COM, is not just another Web Hosting and Design Company or Internet Service Provider, we also offer:  Computer Sales and Services, Networking Design, Sales, Engineering, Installation, Maintenance and Repair, Security Surveillance, Software and Data Recovery Services of Crashed Systems.  SNTiNET.COM is a one-stop technology service provider!

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