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Choosing a hosted solution from SNT Communications means your business gets all of the functionality and features you're looking for without any up-front or ongoing capital expenditures. Learn More


SNT Communications hybrid-hosted solution provides a best of breed approach with the hardware residing on the customers premise while the control panel remains a Web-based application sitting in the cloud. Learn More


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Why customers choose SNT iNet for their unified communication solutions?
  • Contact Center Learn More Your business relies on the ability to constantly communicate with customers. SNT Communications gives your contact center an enhanced Unified Communications platform that is both innovative and flexible.
  • Enhance Customer Interactions Learn More Your business relies on the ability to constantly communicate with customers. SNT Communications gives your contact center an enhanced Unified Communications platform that is both innovative and flexible.
  • Cut Costs Learn More Lower your operating costs and increase your business agility with SNT Communications solutions.
  • Increase Productivity Learn More Effectively unifying communications across various channels can accelerate business and reduce the time to react to challenges and opportunities. SNT Communications offers solutions that can increase productivity and save money at the same time.
  • Enable Remote Workers Learn More SNT Communications solutions enable you and your employees to feel like you are in the main office wherever you are.
  • Link Branch Offices Learn More Distributed workforces are now the norm. SNT Communications' Unified Communications (UC) solutions are designed to make it easy for your company to connect resources in multiple locations.
Return on Investment
SNTiNET and Polycom® Telepresence Solutions Deliver A Rapid Return on Investment (ROI)

In the current tough economic environment, as executives tackle the challenge of reducing and containing costs, HD video and telepresence technology has emerged as an easy solution. With increasing global economic uncertainty and constant change, more and more organizations are cutting travel budgets. Now, however, it's easy for companies to get a rapid return on investment when they implement SNTiNET HD video and telepresence solutions because they quickly lower travel expenses and increase productivity and regain time lost to constant travel.

How SNTiNET Delivers ROI
  • Cut one transcontinental or international business trip for a few employees and you've paid for a SNTiNET telepresence system
  • Organizations are saving millions of dollars per year thanks to SNTiNET telepresence and HD video solutions
  • Many SNTiNET HD video and telepresence customers see a complete ROI for their investments in as few as one to six months
  • Travel savings are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to telepresence ROI. SNTiNET customers tell us that the time they save by not travelling is more valuable than the dollars saved
  • SNTiNET partners with Avaya, Cisco, Polycom, Shoretel, and other names that you know and trust to bring you the quality and performance while saving you dollars.
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